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Out of five CRNA school, MS degree is offered by the State University New York SUNY Downstate Medical Center.


CRNA Program Review at SUNY Downstate Medical Center

  • On successful completion of 2 years and three months, a program will lead to the award of Master’s Degree in Nursing.
  • A program is based on total credit hours 61.
  • The classes for the new session begin in September every year.
  • SUNY downstate medical center application deadline is from September to October every year.


Tuition Costs at SUNY Downstate Medical Center

The tuition fee is calculated each year. In most schools every year, the rate of tuition fees are increased. The total cost could increase ranging between five to fifteen percent. The SUNY Downstate Medical Center graduate tuition fees are different for outside the state and inside the state. The tuition rates for 2015 and 2016 are given below:


SUNY Downstate Medical Center in State Tuition Fee

Tuition fee


*Other Costs


Total Cost



SUNY Downstate Medical Center Out of State Tuition Cost

Tuition fee


*Other Costs


Total Cost


*Covers the cost including books, stationery, and application submission fees, health insurance, AANA certification fee and other charges.


Education and Training

CRNA program is designed according to the needs of modern medicine. CRNA Program is certified by Council On Accreditation of Nursing Anesthetist, and proper training is provided to the students with real exposure to professional experience. On completion of 2 years and three months program, everyone has to go through the final exam set by the Council on Accreditation to be declared as a Certified Registered Nursing Anesthetist (CRNA).

The students will attend the classes during the 1st semester in the didactic phase of the nursing program, and the clinical experience will begin in July of 1st year.


Admission Requirement at SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Different CRNA Nursing schools have different requirement according to the university standards. The requirement at SUNY Downstate Medical Center is discussed below:

  • A candidate should have at least BS degree in Nursing
  • A candidate should have registered nurse license issued by the state of New York.
  • A candidate should have two years of critical care unit experience which should not be older than three years. The candidate should gain expertise in the different department including Cardiothoracic ICU, Surgical ICU, and Medical ICU. The experience should be gained in various departments are accepted if earned with medical surgical or cardiothoracic for the minimum period of 1 year which includes:
    • Neurosurgical
    • Neonatal
    • Coronary
    • Pediatric
  • A candidate should obtain at least 3.0 GPA. The students with 3.3 GPA are preferred at SUNY Downstate Medical Center.


English Language Proficiency

GRE score is no longer required at SUNY downstate medical center.

The candidates who do not have English native language should submit TOEFL score.



  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Basic Life Support
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Critical Care Registered Nurse.


Course Pre-Req

A candidate should have studied the following subjects with grade B or higher:

  • Basic Health Assessment
  • Nursing Research
  • Statistics


Ranking of Nursing Program at SUNY Downstate Medical Center

According to U.S World News Report of 2011, the SUNY Downstate Medical Center nursing school received a very low score i.e. below 2.0/5.0 with the poor quality of education is being delivered to the students. The SUNY Downstate Medical Center nursing program was reviewed in 2015 and received the accreditation for two years only. The next report will be done in 2017.


Passing Ratio at SUNY Downstate Medical Center

The students failing the CRNA program at SUNY Downstate Medical Center is zero percent as per the session of 2013, and the proportion of students passing the exam in the first attempt is 89% as per the course of 2013.


School of Nursing Registered Salary at Downstate Medical Center

On average starting salary as a registered nurse at Downstate Medical Center is below as compared to the other states in the U.S which range between $130000 and $160000. CRNA average salary as a registered Nurse is $163467. In rural areas the average pay is $174,214, in Metropolitan, the average pay is less which is around $ 164,148. In suburban areas, the registered nurses are least paid which is $156,630.



Is there any CRNA school present in the state of New York?

Yes, there are 5 Nurse Anesthetist Schools present in the State of New York


Does the SUNY Downstate Medical Center offer RN to BSN Program?

Yes, SUNY Downstate Medical Center offer RN to BSN Program


State University New York at Brooklyn

SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn Address

Nurse Anesthesia Program

450 Clarkson Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11203


Contact Information

Joseph Jennas, CRNA, MS, Program Director

Phone: (718) 270-7657

Fax: (718) 270-7628



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