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Out of 4 CRNA schools in the State of Minnesota, DNP program is offered by the University of Minnesota.


A Go Through

  • On successful completion of 3 years, a program will lead to the award of Doctoral degree in Nursing Practice.
  • The CRNA program consists total credit hours of 100.
  • The classes for the new session begin in the September each year.
  • University of Minnesota application deadline is 1st every year.
  • On average, a class will consists 12 numbers of students.
  • Admission committee starts reviewing the application in the first week of September while the interview session begins in November. A total of 30 students is called for interview against 12 seats for DNP program. The university notifies everyone either they are selected for the program or not.


Tuition Fee at University of Minnesota Twin Cities

The tuition fee is calculated each year. In most schools every year, the rate of tuition fees are increased. Total cost could increase ranging between five to fifteen percent. University of Minnesota graduate school tuition fees is different for outside the state and inside the state. The tuition rate for the year 2014 to 2015 is given below:


The University of Minnesota in State Tuition Cost

Tuition fee


*Other Costs


Total Cost


*Covers the cost including books, stationery, and application submission fees.


Education and Training

CRNA program is designed according to the needs of modern medicine. CRNA Program is certified by Council On Accreditation of Nursing Anesthetist, and proper training is provided to the students with real exposure to professional experience. On completion of 3 years program, everyone has to go through the final exam set by the Council on Accreditation to be declared as a Certified Registered Nursing Anesthetist (CRNA).

A CRNA program is based on nine semesters. The program is distributed in two sections one consisting of classes and the other consist of clinical trials. The University of Minnesota designed online curriculum with round about eight sessions to be attended on the campus. The medical experience will be gained in Minneapolis VA Medical Center, and the students will also be relocated to nearest rural and sub-urban areas which will enhance the practical experience gained by the students. The program is designed which enables the students to work solely without any assistance fully.


Admission Requirement at University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Different CRNA Nursing schools have different requirement according to the university standards. The requirement at University of Minnesota is discussed below:

  • A candidate should have BS degree in Nursing accredited by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission.
  • A candidate should have registered nurse license.
  • A candidate should have one year of experience in Critical Care Unit while the students having three years of experience in acute adult surgical care unit are preferred.  The candidates be actively involved in the invasive hemodynamic monitors, assisting devices, active usage of ventilators, vasoactive drugs. The candidates should have gained experience in the departments including:
    • Surgical ICU
    • Medical ICU
    • Cardiothoracic ICU
    • Coronary ICU
    • Pediatric ICU
    • Neonatal ICU
  • A candidate should have 3.0 GPA and candidates with 3.4 GPA are preferred for the CRNA program, but the applications are assessed individually.


English Language Proficiency

An applicant should submit GRE score obtained within last five years. A candidate with MS degree can be exempted from GRE requirement. A total of 1000 score is required in quantitative and verbal sections, and a minimum of 297 in revised GRE in quantitative and verbal sections are preferred.

A candidate having a native language other than English should submit TOEFL score of 586 in written based, 240 in computerized based, and 95 in internet based test. The TOEFL score should not be older than three years. If TOEFL is unavailable in a particular country, then a student should obtain 85 marks in Michigan English Language Assessment Battery. If you are a graduate within last two years from the accredited institute of U.S, then you may be exempted from the TOEFL scores.

A candidate should have registered nurse license issued by their home country. A student should obtain the registered nurse license issued by the state of Minnesota. A candidate has to pass the exams of National Council of Licensure Examination and Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing. The students should take the exam before the enrollment in their respective Countries.


Ranking of University of Minnesota

We stand amongst the 107 institutes securing 48th position across the U.S having a score of  2.7/5.0. The CRNA program is being reviewed on a regular basis last time the score of 1 was given to CRNA program which was conducted in 2009, i.e., 1/2009. The University of Minnesota was granted the accreditation for the period of ten years, i.e., up to the year 2018 scoring 10/2020, which highlights the quality of training and standards of CRNA is well maintained and with compliance to Council of Accreditation Standards.


Passing Ratio of CRNA program at University of Minnesota

The proportion of students failing in CRNA program at the University of Minnesota is 0 percent as per the session of 2013. The majority of candidates cleared the exam in the first attempt. Candidates who are unable to explain in the single attempt they did in the second while going for the third attempt are very rare. These figures are made showing the difficulty of CRNA program at the University of Minnesota. The percentage of students passing in the first attempt is 78% as per the session of 2013, with the National Average of 89.9 percent as per the class of 2008.


Future Perspective

The ratio of the employment of CRNA school University of Minnesota is 100% as per the session of 2013


Salary of CRNA program at University of Minnesota

Nursing salary as a registered nurse at the University of Minnesota is higher as compared to the other states in the U.S which range between $160,000 and $180,000. CRNA average salary as a registered Nurse is $163467. In rural areas the average pay is $174,214, in Metropolitan, the average pay is less which is around $164,148. In suburban areas, the registered nurses are least paid which is $156,630.

University of Minnesota U-Pass

Students can also avail the U-Pass service for unlimited transit service with a cost of 100 $ only.



How many off days I can avail?

A candidate can avail winter vacation of 2 weeks, a summer vacation of 1 week and spring break of 1 week at the University of Minnesota.

Who is an ideal candidate for CRNA program?

An ideal candidate should have at least 3.4 with at least three years of experience in acute care unit high knowledge regarding CRNA program.


Will I receive any bonus upon graduation?

On providing the service, the hospital, you will receive various bonuses in the form of a waiver to your living expenses and tuition costs.


What is the average GPA required at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities?

An average GPA of 3.0 is required at University of Minnesota.


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

School of Nursing

Nurse Anesthesia Area of Study

5-140 Weaver-Densford Hall

308 Harvard Street S.E.

Minneapolis, MN 55455

Phone: 612-625-7980


Contact Information

Kathryn White, DNP, RN, CRNA, Program Director

Phone: 612-624-8959

Fax: 612-625-7180

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