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Western Carolina University is one of the nine CRNA schools present in North Carolina. Western Carolina University lies within the heart of mountains with a stunning location and awesome weather conditions. A perfect place who really has the heart for nature’s beauty.


A Go Through

  • On completion of 2 years and three months, the program will lead to the award of Master’s degree in Nursing.
  • The Program is only offered for the morning session.
  • A total program is having a credit hour weighting of 66.
  • Western Carolina University starts accepting the application in January every year.
  • Western Carolina University application deadline is 15th May each year.
  • An average class of CRNA consists of 14 to 16 numbers of students.
  • CRNA program at Western Carolina University was first accredited in the year of 2006.


Tuition Costs at Western Carolina University

The tuition fee is calculated each year. In most schools every year, the rate of tuition fees are increased. Total cost could increase ranging between five to fifteen percent. Tuition fee at Western Carolina University is different from teaching in state and education out of state. Tuition fee calculated for the year 2014 to 2015 is discussed below


In-State Tuition Fees

Tuition fee


*Other Costs


Total Cost



Tuition Fees for Out of State

Tuition fee


*Other Costs


Total Cost


*Covers the cost including books, stationery, examination fees, funds, health insurance, transport costs and other charges.


Education and Training

CRNA Program is certified by Council On Accreditation of Nursing Anesthetist, and proper training is provided to the students with real exposure to professional experience.  On completion of 2 years and three months program, everyone has to go through the final exam set by the Council on Accreditation to be declared as a Certified Nursing Anesthetist (CRNA). In the first year, the students have to attend maximum classes and simulation lab including the practice on the human simulator once per week enabling students to get familiar with the basics of clinical practice. In the second year of MS program, students are allocated to the six nearby hospitals which are within 30 to 40 kms of driving with a maximum of clinical practice and handle the patients for the administration of regional anesthesia.


Western Carolina University School of Nursing Admission Requirements

Different CRNA Nursing schools have different requirement according to the university standards. The need for the CRNA program at Western Carolina University is discussed below

  • A candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing which should be accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or Accredited Commission for Education in Nursing.
  • A registered nurse license is required which is issued by the State of North Carolina. The Issued license should not be restricted and free from any probations.
  • Candidate must have a minimum 3.0/4.0 in their last subject having 60 weight of credit hours. Overall all GPA will also be considered with the science subjects including Chemistry, Microbiology, and Anatomy with Physiology studied in two semesters is required.
  • Interested candidates must have one year of experience in critical care unit with  2080 hours of experience count which should not be two years old. If the experience is gained as a supervisor or at management level will exempt the requirement of hours. Candidate must have the expertise in the following applications in hospitals
    • Self-management
    • Critical Thinking
    • They must have an experience in administration of Vasoactive drugs.
    • They must have expertise in the active usage of a ventilator.
    • They must have an experience in the active usage of Invasive monitors including pulmonary.
    • They must have an experience in the interpretation of ECG graph.
    • They must have an experience in the active usage of Invasive Hemodynamic monitoring.
    • They must understand the standard lab finding and their difference according to age including blood, urine, etc.
    • They must have an experience in anesthesia administration.
    • They must have an experience in the active use of codes utilized in the diagnosis of the different type of diseases.
    • They must have an experience in administration of Nondepolarizing muscle relaxants.
  • Candidate with the experience in Cardiac ICU, Medical ICU, and Pediatric ICU, Surgical ICU, Trauma ICU, Neuro ICU, Cardiothoracic ICU, and Cardiovascular ICU are preferred.


  • The departments in which experience is not allowed includes.
    • OT
    • Emergency
    • Catheterization Lab
    • On board Nursing
    • Post-Anesthesia cares unit

English Language Proficiency

Candidates interested in the Western Carolina University nursing program should submit GRE result cards with a minimum score of 1000 more will be preferred in both verbal and quantitative section test given before August 2011. Candidate having a GRE score of minimum 300 is mandatory or higher than that will be added as the advantage for the test taken after August 2011.



  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Basic Life Support
  • Critical Care Registered Nurse


Nurse Anesthetist Program Pre-Req

A course of statistics, chemistry, and research subjects should be studied having C grades, or higher is required to secure admission in CRNA program.


Required Candidates for Western Carolina University Graduate Program

Candidate with the following qualities will be given preference for the CRNA program

  • Higher educational qualification
  • Courses studied within last five years
  • Students with more research publication in different research journals of National and International level.
  • Candidate with certification of Critical Care Registered Nurse
  • Potential and interested students in CRNA career are preferred
  • Students with growth potential will be preferred

Ranking of Western Carolina University CRNA program

According to U.S News report of 2011, a marking of 2.4/5.0 was given to  Western Carolina University. The recent review was carried out in 2012 and score of 10 and given and accreditation for ten years i.e. up to 2022 which highlights the quality of training and standards of CRNA is well maintained and with compliance to Council of Accreditation Standards.


Passing Ratio for CRNA Program at Western Carolina University

The proportion of students failing in CRNA program at the Western Carolina University is 6.3 percent as per the session of 2015. The majority of candidates cleared the exam in the first attempt. Candidates who are unable to explain in the single attempt they did in the second while going for the third attempt are very rare. These figures are made showing the difficulty of CRNA program at the Western Carolina University.  In the class of 2015, the percentage of students for the first attempt is 87% having the National average percentage in 2012 was 88.5%


Western Carolina University CRNA employment ratio

The ratio of work of CRNA program at Western Carolina University is 100 as per the session of 2014.


Salary of CRNA program at Western Carolina University

Average wages as a Registered Nurse is same as compared to other states which range between $140,000 to $160,000. CRNA average salary as a registered Nurse is $163467. In rural areas the average pay is $174,214, in Metropolitan, the average pay is less which is around $164,148. In suburban areas, the registered nurses are least paid which is $156,630.


Western Carolina University Admission Office

WCU Programs at Biltmore Park

School of Nursing

28 Schenck Parkway, Suite 309

Asheville, NC 28803

Office 828-654-6499

Fax 828-654-6507


Contact Information

Shawn B Collins, CRNA, DNP, Ph.D.  Director

Ph: 828-654-6517


Review of Western Carolina University CRNA Program


This review about the Western Carolina University CRNA program was written by a teacher. Western Carolina University is located in Asheville in the State of North Carolina. Mason McDowell is one of the faculty members who wrote a review about Western Carolina University CRNA program with a comparison to other universities offering CRNA program.

Before seeking an admission try to highlight the factors which are more important for you during your studies and medical practice in CRNA career then try to compare your needs with Western Carolina University School of Nursing.


  • In Western Carolina University a class size no more than 14 students per class
  • CRNA program in not expensive as compared to other universities.
  • As per the session of 2013 only one student failed the exam. The Western Carolina University graduation rate is 100% with 93% appeared and passed the exam in the single attempt.
  • University is located in prime location, providing the quality educational environment and high standards of simulation labs based on human anatomy in real conditions.
  • A student on average handles 895 cases of anesthesia before the graduation.
  • A practical lab on dead bodies are also available to practice for clinical trials.
  • Students are usually placed in a different department of the hospital including Cardiac, Vascular, Gynaecology and other departments which are required.
  • A proper learning environment without trying to get ahead of the others
  • There is nine hospitals present within the vicinity of Western Carolina University. The time needed to access all these hospitals ranges between 40 to 80 minutes.
  • Students are trained according to Assertive Community Treatment plans when it comes to CRNA the primary focus is on the practical training.
  • Anesthesia training of different types including regional.
  • Hands on training on ultrasound machines.
  • Practicing of line insertion of both types i.e. arterial and central for the administration of drugs or anesthesia during the clinical practice in hospitals.
  • Student attends different meeting and conference on National and regional level and also given a chance to represent.
  • Students from the Western Carolina University are winning the Anesthesia Bowl 3 for last four consecutive years.
  • The students of CRNA program are also sent for internationally and locally to help patients during natural disasters and calamities.
  • Most faculty members have earned the doctoral degree remaining currently enrolled in the doctoral program.
  • The faculty members also have published different research proposal and hosted several conferences.
  • All faculty members of Western Carolina University currently involved in the practice of anesthesia medicine.
  • According to a survey carried out each year by the university involving the students up to 100% recommended the Western Carolina University and picked the school for the future studies also.

Visit the Western Carolina University’s website and have a look at all the details and decide it yourself!

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