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Price: Tuition Fee: $45,360

Nursing Anesthetist Program at Wayne State University Detroit in the State of Michigan was ranked 17th in the year 2011 among the 107 CRNA schools in the U.S.

A Go Through

  • On the successful completion of 2 years program will lead to the award of degree entitled MS in Anesthesia.
  • A program consists a total of 72 credit hours with prerequisites out of which 63 credit hours are based on the anesthesia.
  • Wayne State University classes schedule will begin in August every year.
  • Wayne State University Detroit application deadline is 1st July every year.
  • The acceptance rate of students at Wayne State University per class is 20.

Tuition Costs of School of Medicine at Wayne State University

The tuition fee is calculated each year. In most schools every year, the rate of tuition fees are increased. Total cost could increase ranging between five to fifteen percent. Wayne State University graduate tuition fee is different for outside the state and inside the state. Tuition fee calculated for the year 2014 to 2015 is discussed below

In State Expenses

Tuition fee


*Other Costs


Total Cost


Expenses for Out of State

Tuition fee


*Other Costs


Total Cost


*Covers the cost including books, stationery, examination fees, funds, graduation cost, transport costs, certification charges and other expenses.

  • Wayne State University application fee of $ 25 should also be submitted with an application which is non-refundable.

Education and Training at Wayne State School of Nursing

CRNA program is designed according to the needs of modern medicine. CRNA Program is certified by Council On Accreditation of Nursing Anesthetist, and proper training is provided to the students with real exposure to professional experience. On completion of 2 years program, everyone has to go through the final exam set by the Council on Accreditation to be declared as a Certified Nursing Anesthetist (CRNA). By the start of the first-year,  students are exposed to proper clinical experience in the form of simulation labs as the course proceeds the students are involved in more complex and real time experience in hospitals. On the other hand, the lecture on anesthesia are delivered in Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the lectures on the physiology in first two semesters is delivered in Scott Hall, School of Medicine located at the Wayne State University. There is almost 19 hospitals present within the State of Michigan, but it is not sure that all students will be relocated to all 19 hospitals for the experience except a few. Students residing in the Toledo and Ohio will be completing their clinical experience locally.

Wayne State University Detroit Medical School Requirements

Different CRNA Nursing schools have different requirement according to the university standards. The requirement at Wayne State University for nursing school is discussed below:

  • A candidate must have a Bachelor’s or equivalent degree in the field of Nursing.
  • A candidate must have a Registered Nurse license issued by the State of Michigan.
  • A candidate must have experience of 1 year in adult care unit with the experience preferably in Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, and Cardiac ICU which should not be older than two years. While experience in Post-anesthesia unit an emergency room is not acceptable.
  • Wayne State University GPA requirement is 3.0/4.0 in science subjects higher than that will be preferred.

English Language Proficiency

There is no requirement of GRE score to seek an admission at  Wayne State University Detroit.

Nurse Anesthesia Program Requirement for Candidates outside U.S

The requirement for the candidates applying for the CRNA program outside U.S is discussed below out of which at least one should be fulfilled

  • They should have a BS degree obtained by the accredited university in U.S or from the university having a medium of studies is English.
  • Candidate should have a good score in the Michigan English Language Assessment Battery.
  • Candidate should have a good score in TOEFL.

Wayne State University Pharmacy Requirements

Following are the Pharmacy program requirements at Wayne State University

  • Candidates having at least 3.0 GPA can apply for the pharmacy program.
  • Candidates having C grade or better in prereq subjects can apply for the pharmacy program.
  • If you are applying for admission outside the U.S, your transcript will be evaluated by the admission committee.
  • Candidate applying for the Pharmacy program should pass the Pharmacy College Admission Test having a minimum of 50% marks or higher in chemistry, biology, and quantitative sections with a minimum of 25% marks or higher in reading and verbal sections. PCAT score from the year 2011 to 2016 will be accepted for this year admission.
  • Candidate should complete the English requirement set by Wayne State University.
  • Candidates have to appear physically for the interview.
  • All new candidates selected for the pharmacy program will be evaluated for the criminal records by Certiphi, Inc. using PharmCAS.

Shadowing Experience

Candidates interested in gaining shadow experience before 1st July at Wayne State University Detroit can contact Mary Walczyk, email address: mwalczyk@dmc.org.


  • Critical Care Registered Nurse
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Wayne State University Detroit State of Michigan Nursing school Pre-Req

A candidate should have studied the following courses

  • One of the following subjects of chemistry in last ten years, i.e., Biochemistry or organic chemistry or inorganic chemistry.
  • Biology in last four years is having four credit hour weighting.
  • Statistics
  • Anatomy
  • Research

The subject of Statistics, Research and anatomy should be studied again in the summer or spring semester by the students during their graduate studies. Candidates who are willing to explore these subjects can apply before the start of classes, and as an advantage, they will be allowed to continue their employment.

Medical School Ranking of Wayne State University

According to U.S. News report of 2011, a marking of 3.2/5.0 was given to Wayne State University Nursing School Program securing the 17th position out of total 107 CRNA schools in the U.S. The recent review was carried out in 2014 and a score of 10 was given with the accreditation for 10 years i.e. up to 2024 which highlights the quality of training and standards of CRNA is well maintained and with compliance to Council of Accreditation Standards.

Passing Ratio for CRNA Program

The ratio of students failing in CRNA program at Wayne State University is zero percent. The majority of candidates cleared the exam in the first attempt. Candidates who are unable to explain in the single attempt they did in the second while going for the third attempt are very rare. These figures are made showing the difficulty of CRNA program at the Wayne State University. For the consecutive last five years, the percentage of students passing in the first attempt is 100% having the National average percentage in 2008 was 89.9%.

Salary of CRNA program at Wayne State University

Average wages as a Registered Nurse at Wayne State University is higher as compared to the other states in the U.S which range between $ 160,000 to $ 180,000. CRNA average salary as a registered Nurse is 163467 $. In rural areas the average pay is 174,214 $, in Metropolitan, the average pay is less which is around $ 164,148. In suburban areas, the registered nurses are least paid which is 156,630 $.

Wayne State University Grades Scale

The grade scale used at Wayne State University is discussed below

  • A Candidate having 4.0 GPA will result in an A grade
  • A Candidate having 3.67  GPA will result in an A- grade
  • A Candidate having 3.33 GPA will result in a  B+ grade
  • A Candidate having 3.0 GPA will result in a B grade
  • A Candidate having 2.67 GPA will result in a B- grade which is below graduate standards.
  • A Candidate having 2.33 GPA will result in a C+ grade
  • A Candidate having 2.0 GPA will result in a C grade
  • A Candidate failing a course will result in an F grade and no credit hours will be counted for the particular subject.


What is the requirement of hours every week in CRNA program?

In the first year 60 to 61 hours and during the second year 47 to 78 hours are required every week.

Is Wayne State University a good school?

Wayne State University has a high standard of quality education for which they don’t accept who fails to fulfill the admission criteria. University always prefers the early application for the CRNA program either you satisfy the entry requirement or not, If you complete program prereq notify the university immediately which will increase the chances of getting into CRNA program. You can even apply for Wayne State University in the start of hospital experience gained in the ICU. Meanwhile, you can fulfill other admission requirements. As the number of applicants increases the chances of getting into the CRNA program decreases due to the high level of competition.

Can students obtain parking passes for Wayne State University College of Nursing?

Yes, parking passes are issued by the Wayne State University for the students.

Who can apply for Nursing school at Wayne State University?

Candidates having BS degree in Nursing can apply for the nursing program at Wayne State University.

Wayne State University Detroit MI

Wayne State University, Eugene Applebaum

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

259 Mack Avenue

Suite 1600

Detroit, MI 48201

Contact Information

Prudentia Worth, CRNA PhD, Director, Nurse Anesthesia Program

ph: (313) 993-7168

fax: (313) 577-5467

email: aa1635@wayne.edu

  • Person Prudentia Worth
  • Address Wayne State University, Eugene Applebaum
    College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
    259 Mack Avenue
    Suite 1600
    Detroit, MI 48201
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